About us

Love, Respect, Forgiveness

Who are we?

Offrejoie is a voluntary movement across the country of Lebanon with a footprint
in France and Iraq

How We Came To Be

Offrejoie was born in the midst of a raging civil war in Lebanon in 1985.  A group of young Red Cross volunteers worked together to help the injured. Alleviating human suffering transcended any differences between them. They committed to heal their torn country. They started with children’s camps during the conflict. Mothers entrusted their children to a trusted member of their community. And those Red Cross members brought children from their community to a summer camp. The camp honored each members’ differences and celebrated their common humanity. The “Other” became a camp buddy. Those camps have continued their healing work since 1985, bringing together groups of children from differing social classes and backgrounds. And when those children grew up they carried the values they had learned at the camps and became a movement of young citizens from all the different communities and regions in Lebanon. Over the years, Offrejoie developed different approaches to tackle the continuing challenges of Lebanon. At its core are the consistent practice of the values of love, respect, and forgiveness and voluntary service. What began as a group of enthusiastic volunteers in 1985 has developed into a voluntary movement across the country of Lebanon with a footprint in France in 1986 and a sister group in Iraq established in 2012 to share and promote its vision and experience.

Our Values


Offrejoie understands the necessity of a fair and appeased society where human relationships transcend communitarian barriers and where a social solidarity based on the shared values of generosity, trust, forgiveness, honesty and ethic is upheld, where men would do unto others only what they want done to them, in a spirit of mutual respect and deep belief in a reconciliation and a better tomorrow for all.


Offrejoie promotes supporting the most vulnerable without any documentation and opposes all forms of ignorance, contempt and isolationism. Through a genuine open mindedness, Offrejoie appreciates the richness of human differences and learns from them.


Offrejoie recognizes each person’s suffering and encourages individuals to recognize the Other’s suffering as equal to theirs. Offrejoie analyzes the past objectively, paving the way for forgiveness and mutual trust to be at the core of a society that never compromises on fundamental human rights.

Our Mission

The mission of Offrejoie is “To gather the entire family of Lebanon together as a treasure for humanity by serving with and for the “Other.” Offrejoie believes that fragmented societies can heal through the creation of human relationships born of shared opportunities to serve the community. By serving together a spirit of mutual regard and esteem grows fostering a sense of solidarity and a new understanding of citizenship.

Our Vision

Offrejoie envisions a society whose citizens are united in diversity and committed to honoring the fundamental human rights of all.

Our Members

Offrejoie’s members are mainly volunteers. They believe in the values of the organization and lead by example, living a life of openness and acceptance. They also are committed to establish a network of solidarity, both nationally and internationally.

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Our Board

Dr. Melhem Khalaf – Founding Member and Honorary President
Mr. Marc Torbey Helou – President


2013 – National Order of the Cedar by the Lebanese President

2014 – Peace Award for Lebanon by the Ghazal Foundation and the Fondation de France

2018 – Elias Hraoui Award by the Elias Hraoui Commemoration Committee

Responding Today (2020)

In April 2020, Offrejoie launched a food bank campaign to help the most vulnerable populations across Lebanon. The economic, political crises and the Covid19 pandemic that have struck Lebanon in the past 6-12 months have affected poor households the most. Offrejoie has been working with some of these marginalized neighborhoods and groups for the past 30 years. The reality is that most of the families we serve have lost their income and are currently food insecure. This is why we mobilized our network of volunteers and supporters to help the families most in need, in the short term with in-kind food and hygiene kits (mitigating price fluctuation and market insecurity) and in the mid-longer term with financial support to recover their livelihoods.

So far, we have received requests from over 4,000 families, we have managed to distribute close to 900 kits in the first few weeks and aim to reach 1,000 families, across Lebanon, on a monthly basis. Lebanon has witnessed amazing solidarity over the past few months, and the generosity of the Lebanese in country and abroad has saved lives.