Offre Joie


What We Have Done!

Since its inception, Offre Joie has been a beacon of hope and unity, dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities across Lebanon. Our multifaceted initiatives have continuously addressed critical needs and fostered solidarity among diverse groups. At Offre Joie, our commitment to solidarity, compassion, and service drives every initiative. We continue to unite hearts and transform lives, building a brighter future for all.

Bridging Lebanon's Sectarian Divides Through Decades of Community Service and Unity

An indigenous movement born in the midst of a raging civil war in Lebanon in 1985 transcending the enduring challenge of sectarianism in Lebanon. Our vision is to “gather the entire family of Lebanon, a treasure for humanity” by “serving with and for the Other” while practicing our core values of Respect, Forgiveness, and Love. Over our four-decade history, we developed four categories of activities designed to be cross-confessional and unifying in tenor:
Children’s Camps & Activities
Since 1985, OffreJoie organizes every summer, 10 free of charge summer camps for 100 Lebanese children, refugees, and teenagers from different religious and social backgrounds. Children from all over Lebanon meet and are assigned to different regions to spend together 10 days discovering Lebanon and to learn to co-exist by learning OffreJoie values.
Volunteer Workshops
OffreJoie has been recruiting and training volunteers since its inception. With the large scope of activities and areas of intervention, OffreJoie can offer the right volunteering experience to those who wish to expand their skills and real life experiences. If you wish to know more about how you could put your knowledge and skills to good use while acquiring new skills and benefiting the community please visit our volunteer sign up form.
Public Solidarity
Since Since1998, OffreJoie team of volunteers collects donated sweaters and hygienic products and distribute them to Lebanese prisoners.
Crisis Response
Offrejoie has been one of the first and most effective organization to support and aid the victims of the Beirut August4th Blast. Our rehabilitation efforts have been the biggest resulting in the renovation of 1,400 residential apartments and 39 shops in 157 buildings located in the neighborhoods of Karantina, Rmeil, Mar Mikhael and home to 5,000 people who were able to return to their safe and dignified houses. In addition, working closely with the Directorate General of Antiquities (DGA) and heritage building experts, Offrejoie completed the restoration of 12 of the most amazing heritage buildings in the targeted neighborhoods. Offrejoie, working jointly with the municipality of Beirut, the restoration of a public garden in Karantina, the rehabilitation of sidewalks and the installation of solar street lighting in both Mar Mikhael and Karantina. Offrejoie has also supported the community in the restoration of a church and a mosque in Karantina.